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Everyone is talking about the new inverter technology but, what is it?  Inverter technology has the ability to control an air conditioning system much more precisely and gently with faster start up and smoother adjustments to maintain a more even temperature all of the time.


This technology ensures quieter operation, a more consistent air temperature, a longer life from all electrical components and a significant saving on electricity costs.

We would be happy to answer any questions and demonstrate the difference in our showroom.



The compressor speed and refrigerant volume are automatically controlled to the heat load, this gives LG Inverter units a range in operation capacity of 20% - 130%.  For maximum energy savings, High Efficiency Invertor Scroll Compressors are used together with Linear Expansion Valves, this can save up to 44% in energy costs.


Inverter units operate at high power until the room reaches the set temperature, this will Cool/Heat 15% faster than conventional Air Conditioning Units.


On conventional Air Conditioning units, when the Outdoor Temperature falls below 0


Window or Wall systems cater for smaller areas which can be sealed off by a door.  These systems include basic units for cooling only and more versatile reverse cycle systems for cooling and heating.

An example of effective use could be a games room in a detached garage. Other uses could include a semi-detached home office, a medical or dental surgery or even a clinic/treatment room for one of the many paramedical fields.


These units use ordinary household power and are relatively easy to install in an existing window or wall space.  They are easy to maintain and are quite economical to run for their size.

We offer a quality service supplying and installing both split and ducted systems to the commercial market.  These systems are normally designed with multiple zones aimed at providing the most efficient and economical way of controlling your environment regardless of outside summer or winter temperatures.

Commercial system design takes into account heat generating equipment, staff numbers and locations, people traffic, temperature disturbances due to opening doors etc and general thermal efficiency of the floor or building.  The overall aim is to lower the cost of maintaining the desired temperature in designated areas.


An example of this could be a large office space or a factory/showroom requiring air conditioning of the office and showroom areas.  The temperature control and air distribution of the open plan reception/showroom area would be quite different to that of the more enclosed back office area.

A multi-zone layout with individual thermostats and controllers could be designed for optimum control and efficiency.  It could be achieved by a multi-head split system or a fully ducted system. This type of design could be expanded to as many zones as required to provide the best solution for you.



We specialise in ducted systems for both the domestic and commercial markets.  These can be designed with multiple zones aimed at providing the most efficient and economical way of controlling your environment including cooling in summer and heating in winter.

The environment can be divided into zones to improve the overall efficiency of the system and lower the cost of establishing and maintaining the desired temperature in a designated area or room.


An example of this could be a domestic two zone system which controls the family, dining, kitchen and lounge room temperatures by day and the bedroom temperatures by night.

The bedroom zone could even be divided into two zones with one catering for family members and the other for ocassional guests.  The guest zone would be left off until required.

There are now models available using the new Inverter Technology to increase performance and decrease running costs.